Rev. Chris Rothbauer

Minister. Activist. Chaplain. Public Theologian.

β€œTo love a place is not enough. We must find ways to heal it.” ― Robin Wall Kimmerer

Radical Rev. Chris

Musings for creating Beloved Community and transforming Unitarian Unviersalism through radical spirituality and action

28 May, 2020

Black Lives Matter, But Not Yet in America

Like many of you, I have been heartbroken over the last few weeks as news

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30 Mar, 2020

Instagram as a Spiritual Practice

Yesterday I preached on the need to find awe, a sense of being a part

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25 Mar, 2020

Despite it All

It's really easy in the days ahead to be overwhelmed, to despair at the way

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18 Mar, 2020

Slowing Down to Come Together

This year at Auburn Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, our canvass theme was, "A New Chapter...Together!" We

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15 Mar, 2020

Finding Meaning in a Time of Social Distancing

A recent social media post attempted to reframe our current global pandemic as a chance

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